8 May, from 9.30 am to 2 pm – Palazzo Soragna, Parma

A European and international event for the promotion of quality agro-food products worldwide. The Italian Government and the Emilia Romagna Region intend to promote, in partnership with the European Commission, Parma Industrialists’ Association and the Parma Exhibition Centre, the first event dedicated to the global challenges and opportunities involved in the system of geographical indications (GIs) of the European Union. The event was created from the need to raise a new and stronger awareness of the strategic value of our quality products both within the European context and in the international markets. We face many global challenges that need to be addressed properly by all producers and EU experts in order to combine efforts and create new ways to promote cultural and economic relations. Multi-Stakeholder vision, territorial identity, future of the CAP post 2020, global communication, local and global B2B market, international protection of Gls, sustainable agro-food system. This year Origo will see the presence and participation of European Commissioner Phil Hogan.


Joining tradition and innovation: challenge, need or opportunity?

The issue of innovation is crucial for the agri-food sector: new needs and new opportunities are a challenge for the future of GIs. What kind of innovation is needed and/or useful for GIs in order to strengthen time, tradition, sustainability and competitiveness all at the same time? This session will provide the opportunity for a multi-stakeholder discussion on this topic.

Keynote speech and Chair
Mauro Rosati, Director of Qualivita Foundation

Round table
Theano Vrentzou Skordalaki, Vice-Governor of Crete and President of AREPO
Cesare Baldrighi, President of the Grana Padano Consortium and AICIG
Nicola Levoni, President of the Italian Meat Processing Industry
Simona Caselli, President of AREFLH
Jean Pierre Raynaud, Vice-President Nouvelle Aquitaine and President of the Agriculture
Commission Régions de France



GIs and sustainability: challenges and opportunities



Joining tradition and innovation: challenge, need or opportunity?